Quick tip to convert PNG file to JPG

Now a days, families will provide photos for obituary use directly from their smart phone. If it’s an iphone, the photo will most likely be in a PNG image file format. For the most part, your window’s default photo viewing app will be able to both show and edit the photo. In those cases, where the app doesn’t work, (which is always the case when I need to finish a slideshow for an upcoming wake), there is one neat trick to help you in your crisis.

  1. Click on start menu
  2. Scroll to App Programs, then Accessories, then click Paint
    1. or type “paint” in the search bar
  3. Click File, then Open. Click on the image that you want to view.
  4. Once the image appears, you can also crop the image under the image section on top
  5. Then File, Save As, click on JPEG photo and rename your image.

Your PNG file is now a JPG! This is a pretty useful trick when I can’t crop photos using the default photo app on my PC.