Family Arranger App

For the past year, our funeral home has been using Mortuary Information Management System, aka MiMS: Elite, as our database management system. Overall, the product has been pretty great to use, but I do hope to expand on my thoughts of MiMS on a future post.

I did want to highlight one of the accompanying apps that comes bundled with the MiMs software. Family Arranger App is a simple and clutter-free way to enter the client’s vital statistics which then automatically syncs that data into MiMS. In addition, the app is available on a number of platforms such as your desktop, mobile and tablets. We often have the app open during our arrangement conferences via our iPad or as an extended display on our conference monitor. In doing so, we’ve cut down on the amount of errors on submitted death certificates through NYC’s electronic vital events registration forms. No one likes paying $40 to amend changes from a Megan to Meegan (true story!).

Family Arranger App does come with some disadvantages. Certain heavy duty tasks like creating contracts or making prayer cards are not available options as they are really meant for its main system, MiMS. Think of the app, as a replacement for the “pen and paper” vital statistics form that most funeral homes continue to utilize. Secondly, the best way to showcase the app would involve the purchase of either an iPad, a second monitor, or even a cheap laptop. Trust me, no one wants to hover over your iPhone to see if you got the spelling right.

On a future post, I will explain how you can display the Family Arranger App from your desktop to a second monitor! I can’t wait!